202: LAB

LAB: Create a Simple Windows Forms Application in Visual C#

Login to Clarion Network Start Button All Programs Visual Studio Do NOT have to login to Visual Studio Wait a couple minutes for first time use New Project VISUAL C# !!! Windows Form Program Name of Project: LAB Location (Browse to Desktop and Select Folder)

1. Follow these directions to create a C# Windows program.
2. Follow these directions to SUBMIT a zipped folder called "LAB".
3. Grading Sheet.

      assignment 0   assignment 0
In the Form Designer, add the following controls (from the Toolbox) similar to the picture above and set the properties (in the Properties Window) as follows: Form: Text property -> Your Initials & Last Name Button (top): Name property -> btnHi Text property -> "Say Hi!" BackColor: a greenish color Label: Name property -> lblIn Text property -> "Enter Your Name" TextBox: Name property -> txtIn Text property -> "" Button (bottom): Name property -> btnBye Text property -> "Say Bye!" BackColor: a reddish color
In the Code Editor, write code that will make the following happen when each button is clicked: Make btnHi display a MessageBox saying "Hello [name from the text box]!" when clicked MessageBox.Show("Hi " + txtIn.Text + "!"); Make btnBye display a MessageBox saying "Bye [name from the text box]!" when clicked MessageBox.Show("Bye " + txtIn.Text + "!");

Make sure that I SEE YOUR PROJECT execute and

that you SUBMIT it in the D2L DROPBOX after ZIPPING.