202: FOOD

FOOD: Create a Fast Food Ordering Program

1. Come to class as there may be corrections, changes and additions.
2. Follow these directions to create a C# Windows program.  
3. Follow these directions to SUBMIT a zipped folder called "FOOD"
food food
- well-documented (significant penalty) - form renamed to frmMain.cs (in solution explorer) with your name in form's text property - use tab control with named tabs (primary interface control) - use list box as receipt - always visible on form, not in tab - use radio buttons for sandwiches & drinks - use check boxes for condiments - use button to order in EACH tab (3) - use button to submit completed order and reset(1) - use label for total cost - include at least two relevant pictures - include at least two one user-defined method see this example see this example - keep track of order # and display with each new order
TAB 1 Sandwich (at least 3 choices - only one can be ordered at a time) ===== - chicken, burger, cheese - choose from at least 2 condiments (pickles, mayo, etc) - no charge - reflect all choice(s) in the bill and report running total. ------------------------- TAB 2 Sides (at least 3 choices - all or none or any combo may be ordered) ===== - Fries , etc - reflect all choice(s) in the bill and report running total. ------------------------- TAB 3 Drinks( minimum 1 - water only) ===== - no charge - reflect choice in the bill and report running total. ------------------------- LISTBOX: ======== - Print selection choices with EACH PRICE in listbox LABEL ====== - $$ Total at bottom of listbox (easier to use a label/textbox here)
** to switch to another tab: (Bill) => tabControl1.SelectedTab = tabPage2;
After order completed, submit and allow another new entry to be ordered.
Use appropriate objects. Create a usable interface. Use good variable and object names. Comment - explain why you are doing things. Code for readability!!