202: Data Viz

Read a File of Numbers and Generate Statistics and a Visualization

1. Come to class as there may be corrections, changes and additions.
2. Code for READABILITY (significant reduction if not done)
3. Follow these directions to create a C# WINDOWS program.
4. Follow these directions to SUBMIT a folder called "DATAVIZ" to your class account

Uses tabControls, listboxes, files, arrays, graphics, loops, branches, and methods.

         Visualization is a technique that will expose information that might be hidden within data. While 
         statistics can represent certain aspects of data, visualization exposes more subtle relationships 
         such as trends and relationships. 

         Your task is to read a file into an array and display a simple bar graph visualization 
         of the data elements. 

         Use a tab control with two tabs.
            Anchor the tab control to the form on all four sides so the display will horizontally
            scale when re-sized and re-displayed. You will calculate sizes to fit the tab each time.

            Anchor the stats listbox to the tab control on all four sides so it will scale when re-sized.

         button click() method
            Read the file into an array of ints. 
              int[] data = new int[1000]; 
            Use the 1000 line file I provided
            call stats() method you create
            call draw() method you create

         stats() method
            Use the array to CALCULATE the average, min and max values using the data in the array (loop).

         draw() method
            Use the array to CALCULATE x,y,w,h and DRAW each rectangle that will represent each data element (loop).
            Draw the graphic on one tab of the tab control.
               The height of the rectangle will represent its value.
               Color rectangles green if above average and red if below average.
               Show the average value as a horizontal line and use unique colors for min and max values.
            make vertical graph re-scale to window size

         (1000 line example file)     (2000 line example file)      (3000 line example file)