Appendix B: Additional User Interface Controls

Tool Tips A ToolTip is a small box displayed when the user holds the mouse cursor over a control. Combo Boxes A combo box is like a list box that has been combined with a text box. Scroll Bars Scroll bars provide a visual way to adjust a value within a range of values. These types of controls display a slider that may be dragged along a track. Visual C# provides a horizontal scroll bar control named HScrollBar and a vertical scroll bar control named VScrollBar. Tab Control A TabControl allows you to create a user interface that is made of multiple pages, with each page containing its own set of controls. The TabControl appears as a container on a form, with one or more tabs positioned along its top edge. Each tab represents a different page, known as a TabPage. When the user clicks a tab, the control displays that page. You can find the TabControl in the Toolbox, in the Containers group. Menu A menu system is a collection of commands organized in one or more drop-down menus. In Visual Studio, the menu designer allows you to visually create a custom menu system for any form in an application.