UNIXSORT - port code from VSSORT and add a second sort function.

Unix Reference

Other Sorts

0. Come to class as there may be corrections, changes and additions.   Significant late penalty per day.

1. On the cisprod.clarion.edu Unix machine, create a CPP program starting with the code from VSSORT.

2. Create a folder on cisprod.clarion.edu in your class account called "UNIXSORT".
      'mkdir' creates a folder
      'cd' changes folders
      'pico' is the editor - function and file names are the same as previously
      'g++' invokes the compiler - create a unix exe (-o) called "usort"

3. Follow these directions to create a C++ Unix program.  

4. Comment! (guidelines)

** Answer these THREE questions at the top of the main function: 1. - What is the uninitialized value of the array items in Visual Studio? - Are the values always the same? - Does building and running debug/nodebug make a difference in the uninitialized values? 2. - What is the uninitialized value of the array items in Unix? - Are the values always the same? 3. - Explain what is happening as you can best understand it ( you are allowed to read up on it!)
Create a C++ program that: Mimics VSSORT (same 7 files) but adds another sort (and 1 more file) 1.create array 2.randomize ( <cstdlib> ) 3.bubble sort 4.print array 5.search 6.Some other sort (tell me what it is) 0.exit choice: Enter an integer between 0 and 6: New sort should be in a separate file
*NOTE: clear vs. cls