253 assignment: BINARY
Analyze this 15 line binary code COM program which produces a 5 in the AL register: 10110011 01100011 10000000 11000011 00000001 10110000 00000000 10111001 00000101 00000000 11111110 11000000 11100010 11111100 11000011 Change it!! As it is, it ends up with a 5 in AL, but I want you to make the result in AL become as big as you can (unsigned). You may only change ONE BIT. The program must still execute in its entirety. You may "cheat" by using emu8086 to execute "binary data".
Create a 'professional' document. 1. First explain exactly what the code does before being changed. There is no input nor output so explain what it does by telling what registers and/or memory locations are changed. Use at least one screen shot from EMU.
2. Next EXPLAIN what you changed and why. How did you determine what to do? How did you determine which bit to change?
Create a 'professional' document with all the above information included. Include screenshots of EMU showing what you did. Export the document to a pdf. Hand the pdf document into the 253 D2L folder. Note: mov ax, 100 B8 64 00 1011 1000 0110 0100 0000 0000