Microcontroller Manipulation

1. Come to class as there may be corrections, changes and additions.   Significant late penalty per day.
2. Follow these directions to SUBMIT a folder called "FORM" to the D2L dropbox., NOT on cisprod.
3. DOCUMENT!! (guidelines)

Create a microsim program as follows:

         1. Get the Software (v 5.0)
            See the online documentation (also built into simulator)
         2. Use the Microsim hardware interfacing software to write a program to use the 
            elevator (lift) and to use hw interrupts and the traffic light.  
              lift   lift   lift   
            Modify 'lift.asm' to have a hw interrupt that will set the traffic light to red if the 
            elevator is at the top, green if at the bottom, else set it to amber.
            Document the timing parameters (slow fast) that will work / not work.

        *3. Comment the code - demonstrate you know what you are doing (why not what)
            Include header, ID, date, why written, plan of solution