270: SKI

SKI: Understand, Document & Modify a Game

Original original windows game at microsoft.
Original web game at timelessname.com.
Author inspired by xkcd ski-free
Real life ski free! (nsfw)

** Group Assignments **

Use VISUAL STUDIO to create and hand in zip of the solution. Download the zipped Visual Studio Project: THIS ZIP. -- OR -- Use another editor to create and hand in zip of the solution. Download the zipped Project: THIS ZIP.
The following functionality should be added to the existing code: Control the layout of your page!! PRELIMINARY: 10% Comment existing code - UNCHANGED! Fill in where I left blank BRIEF, but clear WHY, not what Hand in ONE printed copy with all names included as a comment in the code REQUIRED: 80% Start button. - skier should not start skiing until button is pushed User Directions displayed unobtrusively on the page - how to play the game - One additional static obstacle with collision detection. - use the array of objects for obstacles. - find/ create a new icon Speed Input: number (guidance) or radio buttons(3+) Score: Some function of time - you explain. - longer time is bigger score - display updated score throughout game Additional Comments briefly summarize what each person did. OPTIONAL: Up to 10% One moving obstacle with collision. Faster / slower More/less obstacles Examples from the past: Monsters Avalanche Ice Patch Difficulty Level Bridges Slalom course Snowboarder Ramp Space theme Bowling theme Snowball theme JavaScript Character Codes (key codes)
Work as a team in assigned groups!!