SIMPLE: Create a Tutorial with a Pair of Linked Web Pages.

Use ONLY HTML. No CSS. No JavaScript.

0. Come to class as there may be corrections, changes and additions.   Significant late penalty per day.
1. Use Notepad++ to create two web pages.
2. Follow these directions to SUBMIT a folder called "SIMPLE" to the D2L dropbox.
3. Comment! (guidelines)
4. Grading Sheet.
5. Students S15.

Create a tutorial with significant content, not just a sentence or two.

Cite references informally.

DEFINE an audience!


An all-html page (c++ tutor)       An all-html page (c tutor)       The first web page.

Each page will begin as HTML5 "validation minimal". Include comments (guidelines):
<!DOCTYPE html> <!-- Your name and brief explanation of what is on the page here --> Followed by: <html> <head> <title> your title here </title> <meta charset="UTF-8" /> </head> <body> your html code giving structure... your content </body> </html>
- Divide the information into two logically related pages and link them together. - There should be two files: a1.html and a2.html. - Each file should link to the other. - Put in a folder called SIMPLE.
- Use html tags making sure to close each tag and use lower case. Close empty tags ( /). - Use comments: <!-- --> (name, date, description) - Quote all attributes - Nest tags correctly - Use the following HTML tags in addition to the template above:     img src="" (you'll need to upload an image file also into YOUR account - no hotlink)     a href="" (link to your other page)     a href="http://.." (3 external links to some related site)     hr (horizontal rule)     br (break)     h1 - h6 (headers - use some)     div     list(s)
Since modern pages use html for STRUCTURE & CONTENT, formatting is done with CSS. However, we will experiment with some "old school" html formatting tags.
Experiment by using the following formatting tags:     bold     italic     preformatted
- PUBLISH on cisprod. link will be http://cisprod.clarion.edu/~s_IMStudent/SIMPLE/a1.html
VALIDATE your html pages as html 5. SEE:   Web Developer   and   W3C