PORTFOLIO: Create a Portfolio that Reveals Your True Genius to the World

  1. Come to class as there may be corrections, changes and additions.
  2. Using Notepad++, create a web page.
  3. VALIDATE your   HTML   and your   CSS
  4. Document (guidelines) and cite sources both inanimate and animate!
  5. Include at least these SIX files: port1.html, port2.html, port3.html, port.css, port.js and a favicon in the zipped folder (plus any images).
  6. Follow these directions to SUBMIT a zipped folder called "PORTFOLIO" to D2L
port port
port port

fall 2016 reduced requirements

    A spiffy page styled to make the viewer quiver with excitement and anticipation.   
    A link to a page with your contact information.
    A link to your resume - a pdf file that can be printed out.
CONTENT SUGGESTIONS: ================= Objective --------- what job you hope to get / what career you want to pursue Contact Info: ------------ mailto tags, name, phone, address web links Activities ---------- clubs, societies, positions held, activities, accomplishments Education: ---------- latest first, expected graduation date, gpa? major, minor, courses, languages, OS, networking, certifications Related Experience ------------------ internship, jobs, projects Employment ---------- latest first where, when, duties Code Examples ------------- well-documented why significant: fast, difficult, interesting, bullet-proof screen shots Web Expertise ------------- Shown by what you create here