PORTFOLIO2: Use jQuery to add navigation to your page(s)

· Come to class as there may be corrections, changes and additions.
· Using Notepad++, create a web page.
· VALIDATE your   HTML   and your   CSS

· Follow these directions to SUBMIT a zipped folder called "PORTFOLIO2" to D2L - NOT to cisprod
· Include at least these EIGHT files in the zipped folder:
      port1.html, port2.html, port3.html, port4.html, port5.html, port.css, port.js, favicon.ico(or jpg, png)

· Comment! (guidelines) including your name and description in every file


Present a set of pages presented in a consistent style. Must have 5 content pages - may include new "dummy pages", but have navigation ON each page and TO each page. A common navigation scheme should be used and be implemented as a: 1. Navigation header implemented using jQuery and javascript (links to your pages) - use <header> and <nav> elements 2. Navigation footer implemented using jQuery and javascript (links to external pages) - use <footer> and <nav> Use at least the following jQuery functions: '$' function (not OUR $ function) 'ready' function 'html' function

jQuery information

DETAILS REQUIRED: ================ All the things from before and fix the sucky parts! Grading will be BRUTAL.