Use HTML and minimal JavaScript ( document.write() ).

i. Come to class as there may be corrections, changes and additions.   Significant late penalty per day.
ii. Use CodePen to create a web page. (sign-up)
iii. Send an email to wyattwyatt@gmail.com
        subject: CODEPEN1
        1. Last Name, First Name
        2. Your codepen account name
        3. URL of your pen which is called "CODEPEN1"
iv. Comment! (guidelines)
v. Learn: codeacademy.com

Create a pen that briefly introduces you to the class.


Your page will begin as HTML5 "validation minimal" (9 lines). Include comments (guidelines): <!DOCTYPE html> <!-- Your name and brief explanation of what is on the page --> Followed by: <html> <head> <meta charset="UTF-8" /> <title> your title here </title> </head> <body> ==> your html markup giving structure to your content </body> </html>

Things you MAY try

- Use html tags making sure to close each tag and use lower case. Close empty tags ( /). - Use comments: <!-- --> (name, date, description) - Quote all attributes - Nest tags correctly - Use the following HTML tags in addition to the template above:     img src="" (you'll need to hotlink to an image) (http://jbwyatt.com/I/wyattGeekXsmall.jpg)     a href="" (link to another page)     hr (horizontal rule)     br (break)     h1 - h6 (headers - use some)     p (paragraph)     div (division) Modern pages use html for STRUCTURE. CSS is used for STYLE. - Experiment by using some "old school" html formatting tags:     b (bold)     i (italic)     pre (preformatted) JavaScript provides BEHAVIOR for your page. - Use a 'document.write' JavaScript statement to show the current date/time.