Use HTML and minimal JavaScript & CSS.

i. Come to class as there may be corrections, changes and additions.   Significant late penalty per day.

ii. Use Thimble to create a web page. (sign-up)

iii. Consult Wyatt's example thimble for reference **

iv. Download your completed thimble project (the entire folder) as a zip file and submit via D2L

v. BONUS: publish the project and add a link to the published website on the project you hand in!


Create a page that briefly introduces you to the class.

      Make sure you name the html file to be "index.html" 
      Link to a css and javascript file (can name them as you see fit, but use ".css" and ".js" extensions)

      - The page should be complete and valid.
      - Use html tags making sure to close each tag and use lower case.
      - Use comments:   <!--   --> (name, date, description)
      - Nest tags correctly
      - Quote all attributes
      - Use the following HTML tags in addition to the template above:
         img src="" (you'll need to hotlink to an image) (http://jbwyatt.com/I/wyattGeekXsmall.jpg)
         a href="" (link to another page)
         hr  (horizontal rule)
         br (break)
         h1 - h6 (headers - use some)
         p (paragraph)
         div (division)

      While pages use html for STRUCTURE, CSS is used for STYLE.  
      - create at least one CSS rule such as:
         body {
            background-color: yellow;;

      JavaScript provides BEHAVIOR for your page.
      - Use a 'document.write' JavaScript statement to show the current date/time.
         Include comments  (guidelines) 

      Hot Link an IMGUR image: 
         <img src="http://i.imgur.com/t7cRKTR.png" alt="programming pic">
         programming pic