web intro
http request   &   http response

.. The Internet, the Web and the Browser
1960s ARPANet survive nuclear war Internet 1970s 80s Academics - FTP, email 1988 - allowed commercial access 1989 - web created 1992 - web grew with first browser: mosaic (graphical) First web page ever !! WWW is actually just a linked set of documents that uses the Internet to communicate... Browser just a file viewer html tags tell browser how to sructure the information markup language < tag > "throwing out the garbage can"

.. Web Servers: jupiter / cisprod
Clarion server(s): http://jupiter.clarion.edu/~s_imstudent/ http://jupiter.clarion.edu/~wyatt/ http://cisprod.clarion.edu/~s_imstudent/ http://cisprod.clarion.edu/~wyatt/ the file "index.html" is the default home page log on cd ~/public_html/ pico index.html create page exit and save load/reload page

.. FTP and Telnet: Server Access Tools
FTP: Transfer files to/from a server FTP: fireFTP FTP: filezilla   Telnet: Logon to a server Telnet: PuTTY