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        Visual C# Code

IPO and try-catch
Conditions, if, TryParse, RadioButton
Loops, Listboxes
        Windows Event Code

MessageBox say hello w/ textBox input
Add 2 integers - whoops?!
Add 2 integers - correctly
Read 2 numbers & add - message with "if"
Exit Button - with "if"
Streaks of Odd/Even Numbers
    (file, nested loops, if, radio, tabs, listBox, method )

        Graphics Code & Random

Random Numbers
Graphics Setup
Graphics Rectangle
Graphics Ellipse
Graphics "Line" Using a 1x1 Rectangle

        User-defined Methods

Sum3: add 3 ints and return answer
IsEven: accepts an int and returns true if even
SumRange: calculates the sum of a range
IsPerfectSquare: reports if a perfect square
WriteToWebPage: writes HTML output to a web page

METHODS: Simple to Complex Examples