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        Console Code

HelloWorld.cs :: prints Hello & whoops!
HelloName.cs :: input string & ouput string
HelloRotate.cs :: ascii graphics, cursor, sleep
SimpleMath.cs :: input #s and convert and add
GlazerCalc.cs :: input #s, convert, output
SimpleMathIfLoop.cs :: numbers, if, loop
GlazerCalcIfLoop.cs :: loop and validate input

* conWin.cs :: Windows Form from Console Program with Delegates
        Console Code

Test.cs :: output result of comparisons
ReadKey.cs :: use ReadKey to control user loop interaction
StopWatch.cs :: time how fast code runs
Account.cs :: method(S)
RandomNums.cs :: multiple classes, multiple methods, arrays, loops

        User-defined Methods

Sum3: add 3 ints and return answer
IsEven: accepts an int and returns true if even
SumRange: calculates the sum of a range
IsPerfectSquare: reports if a perfect square
WriteToWebPage: writes output to a web page
        Console Code

snake.cs :: console manipulation