wyatt family history
0: Early Wyatts
Sir Thomas Wyatt the Younger, beheaded for treason 1554

The Wyatt family includes a line that can be traced to Adam Wyatt (b 1320), then William (b 1350), Robert (b 1385), Geoffery (b 1410), Richard (b 1428), Sir Henry (b 1460), Sir Thomas (b 1503 - the poet), Sir Thomas Wyatt the Younger. (b 1521 - beheaded for treason in the Tower of London, Sir George (b 1550) and Reverend Hawte Wyatt (b 1594 d 1638).

Reverend Hawte Wyatt was born June 4, 1594 in Boxley, Kent, England and died July 31, 1638 in England. He arrived in America with his brother, Sir Francis, at the James river with a fleet of 9 ships in the Fall of 1621.

Hawte first married Barbara Mitford. Children of Hawte Wyatt and Babara Mitford are:
  i. Edward Wyatt, b 1619
  ii. George Wyatt, b 1622
  iii. Thomas Wyatt, b 1626, Boxley, England; d. April 10, 1627, Boxley, England.

Hawte then married Ann Cox. Children of Hawte and Ann Cox are:
  iv. John Wyatt I, b 1630, Boxley, Kent, England; d. 1666, Virginia.
  v. Anne Wyatt, b February 1631/32.

Although Hawte Wyatt came to Virginia in 1621, he didn't permanently settle here - he returned to England where he died.

England to York River Basin, Virginia

John I & Major William

In 1652 John I (b 1630), permanently settled in Virginia. John I was from Boxley. He was the son of Reverend Hawte.

Prior to 1653, when he patented land, Major William Wyatt (b 1627) permanently settled in Virginia. Major William was from Essex. His parentage has not been established.

It is not clear what relationship, if any, existed between John I and Major William. They may have shared common ancestry, but that is unknown. They lived in the general vicinity of each other and it's possible that William was a witness to an event at John's home (deeding land to Edward Wyatt, son of Hawte Wyatt).

Although John I is part of the Hawte line of Wyatts, there is no documentation of Major William's relationship, if any, to the Hawte line.
1: John I
John I was born in Boxley, Kent, England 1630 and died in 1670 in Gloucester County, Virginia. John I married Mary Cocke about 1650. He came to America in 1652.

The children of John I and Mary Cocke:
  i. Edmund Wyatt (b 1651-1707)
  ii. William Wyatt (b 1652 - m Rebecca Kent, had a son named John, who married Rachel Calloway.)

John I then married Jane Osborne before 1663. The children of John I and Jane Osborne:
  iii. Anne Wyatt (b 1657)
  iv. John (II) ? (b 1663) married Ann Jones in 1682.

1: Major William
Major William was born in 1627 and died in 1693. Major William was from Essex, came to America and patented 400 acres in Gloucester County, on both sides of the Mattaponi River on 20 December, 1653.

Major William was sheriff of New Kent in 1671 and justice of the peace in 1680.

Major William m Anna Jackson and they had 3 children:
  i. William, Jr., b. ca. 1649, m. Rachel Smith.
  ii. Richard, b. ca. 1655.
  iii. John (II) ?, b ca. 1657, married Ann Jones in 1682.

The parentage of Major William Wyatt has not been established.

2: John (II) ??

Note: I'm showing the name as "John (II)" to indicate that if he's the son of John I, he would be "John II" and if the son of major William he would be simply "John".

There is controversy surrounding the origins of John (II). Some argue that John (II) is the son of Major William Wyatt (b 1627) and NOT the son of John I (son of Haute). Nobody wants this to be true, however, because it seems to sever the tie with Sir Thomas, although that tie could still exist via another path.

If John (II) IS the son of William, then this Wyatt line in America would begin with Major William Wyatt and then continue here with John (II).

John (II) was born in (1657-1663? depending on which 'John' he is...).
Some records refer to him as "Captain" John Wyatt. John (II) married Ann Jones, daughter of Rice Jones in 1682 and had issue:
i. John (b 1684).

Plain Dealing, Caroline County, Virginia (noth-east of present-day "King's Dominion" park and VERY close to "Meadow Event Park")

3: John
John (b 1684 d 1750) settled at "Plain Dealing" near the North Anna River five or six miles from its junction with the South Anna River where it forms the Pamunkey River. In 1691 a section of 10 miles wide and about 30 miles long, bounded by two rivers, the North and the South Anna, became King William County. "Plain Dealing" was a large estate in this area of 700 acres. Caroline County was formed in 1727 and Plain Dealing became part of Caroline.

John married (1711) Jane "Jennie" Pamplin and they had 9 children:
i. William Wyatt (b 1713) m Elizabeth Eggleston
ii. John Wyatt (d age 17)
iii. Anne Wyatt m John Starke May 25, 1735, 13 children
iv. Richard Wyatt (b May 20, 1720)
v. Mary Wyatt m Captain Henry Gilbert
vi. Thomas Wyatt died unmarried
vii. Henry Wyatt died unmarried
viii. Lucy Wyatt m Captain Mills
ix. John Wyatt

4: Richard
Richard Wyatt(iv) was born May 20, 1720 and died in November, 1803 at "Plain Dealing".

"Richard Wyatt, at his home in Caroline County, becoming incensed at the Mother Country (preceding the revolution), tore the family Coat of Arms from the wall, and, hacking it from the frame with his sword, threw it on the blazing logs in the fireplace. It was rescued by his daughter, Nancy, who later became the second wife of Colonel Anthony New. When they removed to Kentucky, the treasured painting went with them. In the year 1830, a descendant seeing the old relic in their Kentucky home made a little sketch of the design. Though blackened by fire and smoke, there were still to be plainly seen bands of boar's heads on the shield similar to the Arms of Sir Thomas Wyatt, of England. The painting was later totally destroyed by fire, but the little sketch is still in the family." [from Wingfield's History of Caroline County]

This "little sketch" is on the first page of a journal written by Richard's grandson, Richard Ware Wyatt, in 1830. (The diary and the sketch are in my possesion - jbw.)

Richard first married Elizabeth Streshley who died at the birth of their first child, Elizabeth.
  i. Elizabeth (b 1744) married John Starke (son of John & Anne) of Hanover.

Richard then married (November 17, 1752) Amy Chiles and had 10 children:
  ii. Mary (b 1750) m. William Peatross
  iii. Sarah Wyatt (b 1753)
  iv. Lucy 'First' (b 1754)
  v. Nancy (b 1756) m. Anthony New
  vi. Lucy 'Second' (b 1758) m. James Hawkins
  vii. Joseph (b 1760) died at age 7
  viii. (Captain) Richard Wyatt (b January 1, 1763)
  ix. Walter (b 1765)
  x. Major James (John) Wyatt (b 1769)
  xi. Barbara (b 1773)
  xii. William Streshley Wyatt (b August 29, 1775)

100 years hence,in 1870, two of the great-grandchildren, Ida May and Joseph Marion, would marry:

5: Captain Richard

Captain Richard was born January 1, 1763. He served in the Revolutionary War and took the oath as Ensign on January 8, 1778.

Captain Richard(vii) and Nancy Ware had 4 children:
  i. Elizabeth Wyatt (b 1798)
  ii. Ann Harrison Wyatt (b 1802)
  iii. Sara Chiles Wyatt (b 1804)
  iv. (Col) Richard Ware Wyatt (b 1806)

5: William Streshley

William Streshley was born on August 29, 1775 and died suddenly at "Plain Dealing" on January 24, 1839. He is buried in the old family graveyard there.

William Streshley and Mary "Polly" Anderson New (1779-1812) had 3 children:
  i. William Richard Baynham Wyatt (b 1809)
  ii. Virginia Wyatt
  iii. Joseph Wyatt

William married Susan B. Minor (b 1786) after the death of Polly New & had 2 children:
  iv. Mary Elizabeth Wyatt 1814 - (m John George Coleman)
  v. John Vivian Wyatt 1816 - 1889

6: Richard Ware
Clifton, Albemarle County, Virginia
(Colonel) Richard Ware Wyatt was born in 1806. In 1830, he wrote a detailed diary of his trip to the west to check on his father's land. (See Wyatt's Journal: Trip to the West)

Clifton, Virginia
Colonel Richard Ware Wyatt bought Clifton, a property once part of Monticello, in 1851 and lived there during the Civil War and until his death on May 25, 1881. Richard bought Clifton, then about 300 acres, for $8,000. When the property was sold in 1891, it sold for $3000. Wyatt named the property "Clifton" during his residence.

The Wyatt family cemetery is located in a small yard behind the brick office. There are no existing headstones or markers, nor are there any records of who is actually buried here. Colonel Richard Wyatt was buried here, but his remains were moved in 1926 to nearby Maplewood Cemetery along with his sons, Captain James Walter Wyatt and Richard Overton Wyatt, Surgeon, CSA, who were killed in the war.

Family lore tells that a young man, thought to be James, was sent home during the war in his coffin and buried in the family plot behind the residence. Some time later, James returned home for leave during the war, in good health, much to the delight of everyone. Sadly he was later killed (June 3, 1864) in the battle of Cold Harbor.

Family lore also tells of the young girls (Mary & Kate would still have been teenagers), armed with pistols, chasing the carpetbaggers away in the turbulent times of reconstruction.

Colonel Richard Ware Wyatt and his wife, Harriet King Harris, had 10 children:
  i. Martha Ann Wyatt (1835-1898 m Theodore Woodard)
  ii. Richard Overton Wyatt (b 1837 d 12/16/1862)
  iii. Mary Eliza Wyatt (b 1838)
  iv. William Henning Wyatt (b 1840)
  v. Captain James Walter Wyatt (b 1841 d 6/3/64)
  vi. Evalina Harris Wyatt (b 1843 d 7/22/1865)
  vii. Alice Elizabeth Wyatt (b 1844 d 7/18/84)
  viii. Ida May Wyatt (b 1846)
  ix. Mary Nelson Wyatt (b 1851 d 1915)
  x. Kate Harrison Wyatt (b 1852) Kate Harrison Wyatt

After the economy collapsed in the South after the War, Clifton was sold in 1891 and the family relocated to Huntington, West Virginia. Clifton is now a bed and breakfast in Charlottesville that the owners have outfitted with a fictionalized history enhanced to attract tourists.

6: William Richard Baynham
Edgewood, Hanover County, Virginia

William Richard Baynham Wyatt married Martha Francis Scott (dau. of Robert and Ann [Coleman] Scott) on September 5, 1832. They lived at "Edgewood" on the North Anna river in Hanover County, Virginia.

Note that Edgewood was across the river from, but near to, Plain Dealing in Caroline County. Its placement across the river placed it in Hanover County. Records refer to Edgewood in both counties, due to its proximity to both.

William studied law and was an authority on land titles and claims. He was Notary Public, Justice of the Peace and chosen presiding Justice of the Court. He also served in the legislature 1865-66 and 1866-67.

William Richard Baynham Wyatt and Martha Francis Scott, had 4 children:
i. Richard Watson Wyatt (b June 27, 1833)
Richard Watson Wyatt died April 30, 1881 in Middlesex Co., VA. Married Elizabeth Eubank November 14, 1865 in Middlesex Co., VA. b. in Middlesex Co., VA. Children of Richard Wyatt and Elizabeth Eubank are:
1.) Charles Russell Wyatt, b. December 5, 1867 in Caroline Co., VA; died August 7, 1913 in Huntington, WV. Married Sara Paisley Sloan; b July 1, 1869.
2.) Belle Leighton Wyatt, b Abt. 1869 in Caroline Co., VA; died March 30, 1968 in New York City. Married Joseph Edward Willard September 16, 1891; b May 1, 1865 in Washington, DC; died April 4, 1924.

ii.Joseph Marion Wyatt (b April 24, 1838) at Edgewood in Hanover Co., VA. Joseph married Ida May Wyatt in 1870. They had 4 children:
1.) Harriet James Wyatt, born June 3, 1871 in Caroline Co., VA. died April 29, 1904. Married Henry St. Clair Washington June 10, 1895.
2.) Martha Isabel Wyatt, born February 18, 1873 in Caroline Co., VA. died June 30, 1934. Married William Edwin Williams; born in Harrisburg, August 23, 1897. William and Martha had one son: Wyatt Edwin Williams, born November 19, 1906.
3.) Ida Marion Wyatt, born February 24, 1875.
4.) William Richard Baynham Wyatt II, born April 28, 1877.

iii. Anne Eliza Wyatt (b 1844)

iv. Thomas Barton Wyatt(b March 22, 1846) . Thomas Barton was born in Caroline Co., VA, and died January 2, 1925 in Wadesboro, Anson Co., NC. Married Anna Elizabeth Leak January 24, 1874 in Wadesboro, Anson Co., NC., b December 9, 1848 in North Carolina, and died December 23, 1926
Children of Thomas Wyatt and Anna Leak are:
1.) Dr. James Augustus Leak Wyatt, born December 13, 1875 in Caroline Co., VA; died August 1, 1946. Married Alma Massagee; born December 15, 1891; died November 29, 1954.
2.) Thomas Barton Wyatt, born 1877; died November 28, 1881.
3.) Anne Elizabeth Leak Wyatt, born August 10, 1879 in Wadesboro, NC; died June 20, 1959 in Columbia, SC. Married (1) Louis Virgil Dibble January 15, 1902 in Calvery Church, Wadesboro, NC; born February 26, 1873 in Orangeburg, SC; died 1917. She married (2) Samuel Dibble II September 25, 1950 in Orangeburg, SC; born November 25, 1868; died April 28, 1952 in Orangeburg, SC.
4.) Dr. Wortham Wyatt, born May 27, 1887 in Wadesboro, NC; died May 3, 1959. Married Blanche Lewis; born 1893; died 1976 in Winston Salem, NC.
5.) Julius Pembroke Wyatt, born March 24, 1890; died August 23, 1962. Married Margaret Fenton; born September 23, 1895; died May 23, 1982.

Wyatt's Journal: Trip to the West -- A journal written by Richard Ware Wyatt in 1830

(Colonel) Richard Ware Wyatt (who later lived at Clifton) rode west on horesback from Louisa County to Kentucky to check on land that his father had been given in payment for his service in the Revolutionary War. His journey continued onto St. Louis.

He kept an amazing and very detailed journal (transcription) describing such things as encountering Native Americans in the young town of St. Louis:
"The face and breast of a few were painted red. One had his forehead marked about with white and the head of others was filled with feathers 6 or 8 inches long. Their clothing was a pr. of buckskin breeches and moccasins, and a blanket thrown carelessly about the body."

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7: Ida May

Ida May Wyatt was born May 1, 1846 at "Oak Shade", Goochland county, Virginia. Ida May was the daughter of Richard Ware and the great-grandaughter of Richard.

Oak Shade was the home of Colonel Richard Ware Wyatt and Polly New Wyatt before purchasing Clifton in 1851. Oak Shade was about 12 miles from the Goochland County Courthouse.

Ida May moved to Clifton with her family when she was 5 years old.

Ida May Wyatt died April 29, 1904.




7: Joseph Marion

Joseph Marion Wyatt was born April 24, 1838 at Edgewood in Caroline Co., Virginia. and died August 20, 1891 in Huntington, WV. Joseph Marion was the son of William Richard Baynham and the great-grandson of Richard. Joseph Marion Wyatt, b 1838, Civil War Veteran

Joseph Marion Wyatt was called away from his college studies at Emory & Henry College to join the Confedrate States Army. He enlisted on May 9, 1861.

Joseph was a member of Company E, the Carolina Grays of Caroline County, part of the 30th Virginia Infantry that marched to first Manassas, but arrived as the battle was winding down.
Civil War Letter 7/7/1861 Potomac River Camp

Joseph wrote a letter on July 7, 1861, two weeks before the first battle of Manassas (Bull Run) which expresses the sentiments of the times: "In less than six weeks from today, their congress will be begging that we show them a little favor & give them a little time to think about the matter. I don't know that it is right but I wish that they may all meet the fate that they deserve & that is death."

              7. Ida May Wyatt (Clifton)                         7. Joseph Marion Wyatt (Edgewood)

Clifton, Virginia    

Ida May Wyatt married Joseph Marion Wyatt at "Clifton", on March 9, 1870. Joseph and Ida were third cousins. They met during the Civil War when Joseph stopped at Clifton to visit his relatives when his regiment was located in the Charlottesville area.

Joseph Marion and Ida May Wyatt had 4 children:
i.) Harriet James Wyatt, born June 3, 1871 in Caroline Co., VA. died April 29, 1904. Married Henry St. Clair Washington June 10, 1895.

ii.) Martha Isabel Wyatt, born February 18, 1873 in Caroline Co., VA. died June 30, 1934. Married William Edwin Williams; born in Harrisburg, August 23, 1897. William and Martha had one son:
  Wyatt Edwin Williams, born November 19, 1906.

iii.) Ida Marion Wyatt, born February 24, 1875.

iv.) William Richard Baynham Wyatt II, born April 28, 1877. He married Geneva Niles (b 1878) in Goochland Co., VA. William died in the 1930's.
William and Geneva had one child:
  Joseph Marion Wyatt, Jr. (b August 17, 1916 in Heath, Arkansas).

8: William Richard Baynham II

William Richard Baynham Wyatt, b 1878

William Richard Baynham Wyatt II(iv) was born at Clifton in 1878. He worked in the lumber business. He married Geneva Niles (b 1878) in Goochland Co., VA. William died in the 1930's.
William and Geneva had one child:
  Joseph Marion Wyatt, Jr. (b August 17, 1916 in Heath, Arkansas).

9: Joseph Marion Wyatt, Jr.

Joseph Marion Wyatt, Jr., b Aug 17, 1916

Joseph Marion Wyatt was born in Heath, Arkansas and grew up in the south. He lived in Louisiana where he worked in the oil fields and served in the Army Air Corps during World War II. He was a union steamfitter and worked at that trade throughout his life. He married Ruth Doris (Elliot) Bryant (b October 9, 1917 in New York City) on July 3, 1948 in Erie, Pa.
Joseph Marion died August 20, 1996 in Erie, PA.
Ruth Doris Wyatt died Septmber 6, 2001 in Erie, PA.
Both Joseph and Ruth and buried in the Erie Cemetery.

Joseph Marion Wyatt, Jr. and Ruth Doris (Elliot) Bryant together had:
Bonnie Jean Wyatt (b in Erie , Pa.)
Joseph Bryant Wyatt (b in Erie, Pa.)

10: Joseph Bryant

Joseph Bryant Wyatt was born in Erie, Pa .

10: Bonnie Jean

Bonnie Jean Wyatt was born in Erie , Pa .