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Where are the "STEM" Careers?
- Percentage of New STEM Jobs by Sectors Through 2018



Students in the Computer Field are in HIGH Demand

The GAP: High Demand vs. Low Supply

1 million more jobs than students by 2020:


The Big STEM Secret
By 2018, the bulk of STEM jobs will be in Computing (71%) followed by Traditional Engineering (16%), Physical Sciences (7%), Life Sciences (4%) and Mathematics (2%).
Everybody is screaming , "STEM!", but they neglect to explain this aspect...

Career Outlook for Computer-related Jobs is Amazing


#1 Best Job: US News 2018
#1, #2 #3: Glass Door: 2018
2014: US News 100 Best Jobs top two jobs: software developer, computer systems analyst five jobs in the top twelve
2013: US News 100 Best Jobs four jobs in the top ten
2013: CNN Best Jobs in America three jobs in the top ten

BLS Occupational Outlook: Computer & Information Technology Occupations

Employment of software developers is projected to grow 30 percent from 2010 to 2020, much faster than the average for all occupations. The main reason for the rapid growth is a large increase in the demand for computer software.

Employment of database administrators is projected to grow 31 percent from 2010 to 2020, much faster than the average for all occupations. Rapid growth in data collection by businesses, as well as increased need for database security measures, will contribute to the growth of this occupation.

Employment of computer systems analysts is expected to grow 22 percent from 2010 to 2020, faster than the average of all occupations. A greater reliance on computer systems in organizations throughout the economy will lead to an increased demand for this occupation.

Employment of information security analysts, web developers, and computer network architects is projected to grow 22 percent from 2010 to 2020, faster than the average for all occupations. Job prospects for all three occupations should be favorable.

Salary - Demand - Perks - Satisfaction - Creativity - Freedom

The CIS Department Offers Two Degree Programs & Three Minors

BS in Computer Science (CS)
CIS Department: contains two degree programs: B.S. in CS and B.S. in IS (no 'CIS' major) Computer Science (CS) major

- creates the fundamental software based on an in-depth understanding of problem analysis, problem-solving techniques, computer software theory and software construction
- emphasis on the study of software and software development
- includes the study of the concepts involved in software development and management as well as the theory and math that underlies the concepts
course 1

BS in Information Systems (IS)
CIS Department: contains two degree programs: B.S. in CS and B.S. in IS (no 'CIS' major) Information Systems (IS) major

- analyzes and solves information problems for businesses
- emphasis on a broad range of computer-related fields including database,
networking & information technology support as well as programming
- business foundation
course 1

CS and IS Differences
course 1 course 2

Minors: CS, IS, Web Development and Bioinformatics with Biology
Minors provide a rich technology experience for students from all majors enhancing their career prospects within their chosen fields.

- emphasis on software and software development

- broader focus on the information technology field as it applies to business

Web Development
- multi-disciplinary focus including art and communications as well as programming and web development on both client & server side

Data Analytics
- provide business support for analysis of big data

Why Clarion for CIS?

We emphasize practice as well as theory
You must be able to code...

Consider this excerpt from a widely-circulated blog regarding hiring:
"A surprisingly large fraction of applicants, even those with masters' degrees and PhDs in computer science, fail during interviews when asked to carry out basic programming tasks. Speaking on behalf of software engineers who have to interview prospective new hires, I can safely say that we're tired of talking to candidates who can't program their way out of a paper bag."

We are "hands on" at Clarion and we read and critique code and demand that it be written correctly and written well. All students must complete a "real-world" project before graduation in addition to many challenging projects throughout their college career.

We have a good reputation with employers.

Internships in CIS
Almost all internships in the CIS department are paid, with compensation up to $22 per hour not uncommon. A housing allowance is also included in some cases.

We have enough internship and free elective credits in our majors for students to graduate with 12 internship credits applied toward their degree. A student could graduate in 3.5 years if they do an internship over the summer.

We have established relationships with many employers. One example is alumnus Vince Moley's DataForma company that visits yearly to find interns. We try to match our best students with his needs and he often hires interns for full-time positions after the internship has ended.

We have a good reputation with employers. Internship List

Senior Projects in CIS 411
This is a partial list of tasks that student teams have worked on in their capstone course:
- an on-line store for A Little Bit Country in Volant, PA.
- an instrument scheduling and tracking application for the Barnes Center labs.
- a property management web application for Agrestic Capital.
- an application to interface with medical testing equipment for the Clarion Research Group.
- an updated web site allowing for the tracking of work orders for Changing Times Telephone Service.

- an equipment rental and reservation system for Allegheny Outfitters.
- a client and policy tracking system for Haws-Richer Insurance Services.
- an order entry and tracking system for Superior Manufacturing.
- an application to interface between the retail sales system & major suppliers for Frazier Brothers, LLC hardware.
- a web application to manage molds at Clarion Bathworks

- an Android App for visitors to Clarion University
- an inventory and sales database for a phone and mail order business in Butler
- a payroll system for an area business
- a system to track student and school participants at the university's Health Science Education Center on Main St.
- a system for a local landlord to track tenants and properties and produce leases

- a system to track donations and pledges for Butler Area Public Library
- an interface for the American Red Cross database
- a system to track participants' performances in Girl Scout activities
- a system to track student participants in an elementary school's athletic programs