create a c# windows program
Visual Studio is an IDE that provides a developement environment that includes: - the designer - the code editor - the toolbox - the properties window - the solution explorer It also provides the ability to execute and debug your code.

Steps to Create Your Program

1. Plan your program: - GUI - events - code Proverb: "Weeks of coding can save you hours of Planning."
2. Open Microsoft Visual Studio - Click on the desktop icon   OR   - Click Start menu and find
3. File / New Project / C# / Windows Forms Application
- Enter Name for Project [HelloWorld] - (Note location and change if needed!)
4. Add controls from the toolbox! (Button, TextBox, Label, etc.. ) visual studio
5. Write Code that Responds to an event such as ButtonClick visual studio

  Only use "SAVE ALL" when saving your project!

6. Build / Build Solution compiles the program
- If no syntax errors, message on status bar "Build Succeeded"
- 'Error List' window opens at bottom if there are syntax errors
7. Execute your newly compiled code:
- Ctrl-F5 runs the code NODEBUG (to add button: 'Tools/Customize')
- Debug / Start Debugging - executes the code
8. Check now for LOGIC ERRORS by trying different options as you execute the code