create c++ on unix

  1. Translate algorithm into C++
  2. Open puTTY in Windows
    - Click on the desktop icon  
    - Click the start menu and find program
  3. Enter hostname:

  4. Login with your Clarion University username and password
      s_imstudent   ss#(9) plus birthdate(4)

  5. Goto the class folder
      cd courses/244 folder name
    (or whatever your class folder is)
      ls -la
    lists your files

  6. Start the 'pico' editor
      pico helloWorld.cpp
  7. unix
    Enter Code (or modify existing code)
    // Hello World Program #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { cout << "Hello World!" << endl; return 0; }

  8. Exit the pico editor
    - Save modified buffer?
      y = Yes

    - File Name to write:
      hello.cpp [enter]

  9. Compile code
      g++ -o hello hello.cpp
    - No message means NO syntax errors - Good! - a file called 'a.out' was created...
    - If you DO have syntax errors, they will be listed by line number and you must start pico again and fix the errors (goto step 6)
  10. Finaly, on a 'clean compile', execute your progra by typing:

  11. Don't forget to logout!!