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SW Eng: Disasters & Wisdom

The Risks Digest
CS: Practice vs Theory
Code Readability

Experience-based Blogs

Jeff Atwood: Coding Horror
Joost's dev Blog
Rands in Repose
Joel Spolsky: Joel on Software
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For those who Code

Code Project
Stack Overflow
Stack Exchange
Hacker News

More About Coding

Challenges: Project Euler    CoderByte
Rubber Duck Debugging: 1 - 2
What's an algorithm? light-Bot
How big?? LOC

Who Should Code?

ALL shall code!    
Code Academy - Learn    
Many can't code: 1 - 2 - 3
Can you code?    
Hang in there

How Do I Get Hired?

Advice  ·  Guerilla Guide to Interviewing
What a CS major should know
Get hired!   ·   Hire him!
10x: rock-stars with agents
hack reactor - elite academy

Software Evangelism:

Software Craftsmanship Manifesto
Agile Development Manifesto
Refactoring Manifesto (About)
Why we need computers...

Computer Language Use

RedMonk Language Popularity 6/14
Language Popularity
PYPL  ·  Jobs Tractor


Information is Beautiful - Visualization
Impostor Syndrome
Dunning-Kruger Effect
your future business associates. :(